SolarTiger® and sewage sludge drying

SolarTiger® stands for innovative and sustainable drying technology, using natural resources.


Under the brand name of SolarTiger® all components for the construction of a solar drying plant are launched.



Thereby the components offered components range from automation of the solar drying, via dewatering of sludge, right through to the classical components for solar drying.



The close alignment of the work on location and the production of precast parts as well as the coordination between the drying hall and the machine technique for sewage sludge drying allows to use synergies spanning disciplines in an optimal way.



The brand SolarTiger® does not only concentrate on solar drying. It also busies with the tasks beyond.



We dimension your solar drying plant!



With the SolarTiger®-AO process we offer the possibility to avoid the formation of unpleasant odours during storage and drying of dewatered sewage sludge.