The Company

Thomas Rothmaier, CEO

Since 2000 our CEO Thomas Rothmaier has concentrated on the treatment of residues of the biological sewage clarification.


The ambition is the reduction of the amount of the disposable sewage sludge. The focus has developed from optimizing the biological treatment to mass reduction with the aid of the solar sewage sludge drying.

The advantage of the solar sewage sludge drying is the mass reduction of the sewage sludge of about 70 – 96%. The working costs are low because of the use of the natural solar radiation and an optimal economically result could be obtained.


With the power of the sun it is the most reasonable way to remove water from the sewage sludge.


In 2004 Thomas Rothmaier built the first solar drying plant with an all-over underfloor heating for sewage sludge on the wastewater treatment plant in Murnau.


In the 2005 the first drying plant as an operator model followed in Allershausen. This has been the basis for the automatisation and the optimation of the drying technology.


This development led to the launching of the SolarTiger® technology in the year 2010.


Today the SolarTiger® GmbH concentrates on the construction of solar drying plants and prevention of nasty odours connected with dewatered sewage sludge.


You as customer can benefit from our know-how.