The Turkish language

The Turkish language - Turkey-Turkish or Ottoman Turkish [4] - is a westoghusische language and official language in Turkey, Northern Cyprus and Greek side in the Republic of Cyprus and formerly in the Ottoman Empire. Furthermore, the Turkish is spoken as a local official language in Macedonia, Romania and Kosovo. Türk dili own names, are Türkçe To listen click! [t̪yɾktʃe] and Türkiye Türkçesi.


The Turkish language itself has a number of dialects, of which the Istanbul dialect is of particular importance. He, specifically, its phonetics, is the basis of today's Turkish high-level language. [5] With the introduction of the Latin alphabet for the Turkish language in 1928 was not resorted to the historical orthography of the Ottoman-Turkish, but the pronunciation of Istanbul as the basis of Transcription used. [6] the dialects are divided into groups within Turkey the Black sea (Karadeniz Şivesi) and in East, Southeast and Central Anatolia (Anadolu Şivesi) and the Aegean (Ege Şivesi) divided.


The alternative name "Turkey-Turkish" covers not only Turkey but also all areas of the former Ottoman Empire. This means that there are also the Balkan Turks or Turkish Cypriots a "Turkey-Turkish". [7]