Solar Drying
Function principle
FAQ Usage of thermal energy

Construction of a solar drying plant


prepared drying area

To build a solar drying plant the underground has to be frost-proof.


The underground of the drying area can be carried out with asphalt like a street, or with a bottom of concrete

Side walls

Versetzen der Betonfertigteile

The side walls which bound the drying area are often constructed with pre-cast concrete segments. These "L"-concrete stones combine several functions:

  • sidewise boundary of the drying area
  • foundation of the drying hall
  • running surface for the rotating drum

Drying hall

Steel construction

The galvanized steel construction of the drying hall has to be fixed at the pre-cast concrete segments. Different transparent roofings can be used:

  • ETFE foil; high transparent and UV resistant
  • Glass
  • PE-foil as double-foil
  • Burling foil
  • Polycarbonate plates
  • Nets

The material is chosen together with the customer.



In- and outside the drying hall measurements are taking place to control the installed aeration.


All climate data which are relevant for the controlling are evaluated and processed.


Mounting of the rotating drum

At completion the rotating drum is put on the side walls and driven into the hall.


After mounting the control system the start up can take place.