Rotating drum
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Rotating Drum

hexagonal drum

In the SolarTiger® technology a hexagonal rotating drum ensures an evenly granulated dry product as well as sufficient aeration of the drying material.


The height adjustable, rotating drum is mounted on a frame and aerates the sludge during the drying process with paddles which are fixed on the hexagonal drum-shaft.

This crane-like frame runs longitudinal through the hall. The immersion depth of the drum in the sludge can be adjusted continuously.


Due to the innovative hexagonal shape of the drum, the solar drying gets even more energy-efficient.

  • The idle power demand is reduced considerably.
  • The drum is balanced at the best. This way the possible area output and the processed sludge amout can be increased significantly at the same level of motorization.
  • Due to the gains in area output, the aeration is intensified. Thereby unpleasant odours can be prevented even more effectively.

The operation of the SolarTiger® technology is very simple and works essentially automatically. Personnel costs can be kept very low and there are no technical skills required to operate the solar drying.


The drum is operated via touch panel on the switchboard.


Depending on customer requests the delivery is adapted to the application and the drying material.