Rotating drum
Air treatment


The SolarTiger® technology stands for efficient solar drying of sewage sludge and bulk materials.


The strong point of the SolarTiger® technology is the mass reduction through the evaporation of water with minimum energy use.


This way sewage sludge becomes a sustainable raw material for energy production.


Thanks to the innovative hexagonal rotating drum the SolarTiger® technology combines different important functions of solar drying with minimum use of electric energy.

  • Turning the sewage sludge in order to always have wet material on the surface
  • Aeration to hold the sewage sludge aerobic and to avoid unpleasant odours
  • To transport the sewage sludge along the longitudinal axis of the drying hall
  • Distribution of the sewage sludge after its input to the drying hall.


With the SolarTiger® technology also external sources of heat can be used to increase the dry matter content at the end of the drying process.


If the SolarTiger® technology is applied to dry very odour-intensive sludges, we offer the possibilities to use our

SolarTiger® -AO method or to install air treatment.

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