The SolarTiger® AO-process

With our SolarTiger® - AO procedure unpleasant odours which may occur during storage and drying of dewatered sewage sludge can be avoided.


In the process, there is an indirect intervention in the balance of enzymes of the microorganisms which are responsible for the digestion process. This is how the formation of malodorous digestion products (such as ammonia, hydrogen sulphide etc.) can be prevented. It is also possible to terminate already started digestion processes.


All you need is our salt mixture SolarTiger® AO. It is the alpha and omega in the prevention of unpleasant odours.

The method

SolarTiger® - AO is dosed and mixed into the dewatered sewage sludge as a powder or as a watery solution (e.g. in the screw conveyor after the sludge dewatering machine or directly in the solar drying).

Application amount

The application rates are calculated individually. For that we need a sludge analysis. In addition to the amount of sludge for treatment, the dry matter content and the organic dry matter content (=loss on ignition) are of particular importance.

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