Why SchlammFIT®?

Why use SchlammFIT®?

If the sewage sludge cannot be utilised in close proximity to the WWTP, the sludge is often dehydrated mechanically before utilisation. On wastewater treatment plants without an own mechanical equipment for dewatering this procedure is often managed by service supply agencies.


In doing so, the dry matter content raises from 2-3% to 20-25% as the water is pressed out of the sludge. This highly polluted water has to be returned to the clarification process.


On wastewater treatment plants which collect their sewage sludge 365 days in a year and dewater it only once or twice a year this often causes considerable operating troubles.


It causes additional loads and sometimes even leads to exceeding the discharge limits required by law. Most wastewater treatment plants are not designed for these additional loads.

SchlammFIT® ensures a continuous dehytration. There are no load peaks and the electrical energy demand is relatively stable.