CABin (Class A Biosolids)

The SolarTiger® CABin technology eliminates pathogen from the dry sludge granule.

During processing, the sludge becomes a Class A Biosolid according to the requirements of the American Environmental Protection Agency EPA.


The sludge is heated evenly with intelligent technology.


Due to previous solar drying, the energy demand is minimised, as the water which was removed does not have to be heated anymore.


Because the heat is released from the dried sludge pretty slowly, the retention time in the CABin can be kept short. Therefore, the throughput of a CABin unit are quite big considering its size.


Internationally speaking, utilisation possibilities are often related to the EPA requirements for pathogen reduction. That is why Class A Biosolids can generally be disposed of more cost effective.

In addition to solar drying, the SolarTiger® CABin technology allows you to further optimize your sludge disposal.