Contracting for solar drying

Many operators of waste water treatment plants realize the advantages of the solar drying. Often they don’t want to invest their budget funds in the last step of the wastewater clarification.

Our solution for that is our contracting model! Since 2005 we have collected experiences on our solar drying plant in Allershausen.

Contracting Allershausen

The idea

  • We finance and construct the solar drying plant
  • The operator of the waste water treatment plant delivers the sewage sludge for a defined time for money to us in the solar drying plant
  • We ensure in common with the operator properly operating of the solar drying plant.
  • We ensure the properly disposal of the sewage sludge

After the expiration of the defined term the operator can acquire the solar drying plant.


The advantages for the operator:

  • We undertake the service of the solar drying plant
  • We assume the guarantee for the machines and the plant
  • The operator has not to provide funding for the plant



The solar drying plant is financed by the utilization of the sewage sludge and so it is possible to reduce the costs of the utilization from the first operating year.